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Sever Oil

Sever Oil is a blend of highly selected refined mineral oils and emulsifiers which form a milky type highly stable oil in water emulsion. It is basically used to keep the cutting tools and work piece cool during general machining operations which generates excessive heat e.g. milling, turing, drilling, boring, tapping, screwing and grinding of ferrous and non ferrous metals.


Sever Oil provides maximum degree of cooling which ensures prolong tool life, preserve tools temperature due to heat generated during cutting. It provides lubricating film on the mechanical parts to protect from immediate rust and oxidation, enhanced load carrying capacity and corrosion protection. Emulsion may be prepared preferably with distilled water. Oil should be added to water not vice versa.


  • Good lubricity hence reduces friction
  • Good rust prevention
  • More accurate machining by reducing distortion due to heat generation
  • Permits rapid separation of chips and grinding dirt


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