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500 Advance

Black Tiger 500 is an advance heavy duty multi-grade diesel engine oil specially designed for today's high speed turbo charged diesel engines. It's unique blend of solvent highly refined viscosity index base oil and latest state of the art performance additive package which provides excellent protection to a wide range of modern diesel as well as gasoline engines operating under most severe climatic conditions of Pakistan.


  • Naturally aspirated turbo charged gasoline and high speed four stroke diesel engines.
  • Mixed fleet of both diesel & gasoline engines.
  • Commercial road transport.
  • Off-highway earth moving vehicles & plants.
  • High speed marine diesel engines (e.g. fishing and river transport)
  • Generator sets.


  • Enhances engine life by protection against wear by formation of high shear stable protective film between critically loaded components during start up and frequent stop and go operating conditions.
  • Provides superior engine protection against soot & sludge by keeping fuel soot in suspension avoiding filter chocking and oil thickening.
  • Retains engine power by controlling deposit on upper ring belt due to high temperature encountered in turbo charged diesel engines.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability which resists formation of gums and varnish resulting in reduction of maintenance cost and engine overhaul cycle.


API CH-4 / S-J SAE 20W50


Color (ASTM) L 3.5 ASTM D-1500
Kinematic Viscosity
@ 40 °C cSt
@ 100 °C cSt
18.0 - 20.0
ASTM D-445
Visosity Index 130 (Min) ASTM D-2270
Density @ 15 °C kg/L Report ASTM D-1298
Flash Point °C 240 ASTM D-92
Pour Point °C -18 ASTM D-97
Sulphated Ash % wt 1.03 (Min) ASTM D-874
TBN mg koh/gm 13 (Min) ASTM D-2896
Zinc % 0.12 (Min) IP-117