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400 Excell

Black Tiger 400 EXCEL is a super high performance mixed fleet shear stable multi-grade automotive engine oil for turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines operating under most severe conditions.


  • Naturally aspirated turbo charged gasoline and high speed four stroke diesel engines.
  • Mixed fleet of both diesel & gasoline engines.
  • Commercial road transport.
  • Off-highway earth moving vehicles & plants.
  • High speed marine diesel engines (e.g. fishing and river transport).
  • Generator sets.


  • Increases engine life by controlling deposit and protection against wear of highly loaded components under severe service conditions.
  • Minimized inventory cost and chances of misapplication by providing good performances in mixed fleets of widely divergent engine designs.
  • Reduces maintenance cost by maximizing oil filter life and engine overhaul periods.
  • Maintains excellent oil consumption.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Longer oil service life and reduced operating cost.
  • Increased engine power retention and fuel efficiency.


API CF-4 / SG SAE 20W50

Black Tiger 400 EXCEL is an excellent choice for mixed fleet operators.


Color (ASTM) L 3.5 ASTM D-1500
Kinematic Viscosity
@ 40 °C cSt
@ 100 °C cSt
18.0 - 20.0
ASTM D-445
Viscosity Index 128 (Min) ASTM D-2270
Density @ 15 °C kg/L Report ASTM D-1298
Flash Point °C 240 ASTM D-92
Pour Point °C -18 ASTM D-97
Zinc % 0.10 (Min) IP-117
TBN mg KOH/gm 10 (Min) ASTM D-2896
Sulphated Ash % wt 0.78 (Min) ASTM D-874