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Joint Sealing Compound

Joint Sealing Compound is Asphalt based, Mastic, Applied hot for filling horizontal joints in concerete and pavement.

Joint Sealing Compound is used in Sealing Construction, Expansion joints, Runways, Taxiways.

Joint Sealing Compund meets the specifications of American Society for testing and materials ASTM-D 119 - 64.


  • Excellent and permanent sealing to the concrete and pavement Joints.
  • Does not flow from the joints or be picked up by behicles tyres at summer temperature.
  • Suitable for completely filling the joints without the inclusion of large air holes or discontinuities and does not cause damage to the material.
  • Capable of effectively sealing joints in concrete against the infiltration of moisture and foreign material throughtout repeated cycle of expansion and construction due to change in temperature.
  • Can be used without Primer..


CHARACTERISTICS Color Consistency Pouring Temperatures Penetration Flow at Bonding
      - °C at 25 °-C (77 °-F)
150 grm. 4 sec. (1/10 mm)
140°-F mm (max)  
TYPICAL RESULTS Black Visco - Elastic Compund 180 - 200 Less than 90 5 Excellent