Molecular Distillation Plant

MD plant is a Canadian technology which refine base oils into other useable base oil without using acid treatment. This is only facility of its type which is installed in Pakistan. MD plant is used for processing of base oil into two different grades.

Base Oil Refining using Acid free technology

Technology & Process:

  • Pre-treatment of the refine base oil - using two natural polymers to remove carbon sludge substantially.
  • High vacuum short path distillation (molecular distillation) is employed to remove 95% of the available oil.
  • The distilled oil is bleached using active clay to get metals free base oil of required viscosity.

Our current focus on the WFMD plant has been to process the of base oil into two different grades either due to non-availability or cost-effectiveness.

However, in future, we plan to use FMD plant mostly for the processing refine base oil.