PA 4000

Plastomat Econotop PA-4000 is a torch bonding, 4 mm thick, high performance waterproofing sheet that consists of a polyester mat carrier, coated on both sides with APP modified bitumen compound. The upper surface is covered with Aluminum foil to give excellent reflective properties in an exposed system application. The lower surface is covered with touchable polyethylene film

Plastomat Econotop PA-4000 has been manufactured at the most modern state-of-the-art plant utilizing advance technology. It is a high performance waterproofing membrane that has excellent properties of reflection, plasticity, flexibility, high mechanical strength and resistance to heat ageing and weathering. Plastomat Econotop PA-4000 is an ideal waterproofing membrane for waterproofing of exposed systems applications, providing an economical, efficient & durable solution for waterproofing of large area roofs.


Plastomat Econotop PA-4000 membrane is designed for waterproofing of concrete and masonry structures. Application includes waterproofing of roof deck, slabs, flashing and other civil works where exposed application is required.


  • Exposed system where high solar reflective properties are required.
  • Excellent barrier against water and vapour.
  • Provide even thickness throughout the roof.
  • Exceptional high temperature resistance.
  • High flexibility at low temperature.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery properties.
  • Accommodates structural movement.
  • Full time advisory services to assist designer and specifiers