P 1500

Elastomat Itself P-1500is a self-adhesive, 1.5 mm thick waterproofing sheet membrane that consists of a non-woven polyester, coated on both sides with an elastometric bitumen compound. The upper surface is covered with polyethylene film and the lower surface is fully covered with siliconized release paper to protect the adhesive side of the rolls during storage and is removed just prior to application.

Elastomat Itself P-1500 adheres tightly and permanently to the substrate to form a continuous water / vapour barrier. A complete system of primer, self-adhesive membrane and protection of membrane makes it ideal and an excellent waterproofing system for all type of applications. It has excellent stability with high tensile strength and flexibility even at very low temperatures.


Elastomat Itself P-1500 is designed for waterproofing concrete and masonry structures. Application include waterproofing of floor slabs, foundations, basement retaining walls, water tanks, shower rooms, kitchen, planters, underground pipes and earth sheltered structures etc.

Elastomat Itself P-1500 can be used for waterproofing on inverted (upside down) roof.


  • Cold applied, requiring no heat or chemical bonding agents.
  • Excellent barrier against vapour and water, withstands extreme climates.
  • Economical, quick and easy installation.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery properties.
  • Very high resistance against mechanical damage.
  • Extremely durable for a long term.
  • Unaffected by corrosive ground water salts.
  • Full time advisory services to assist designers and specifiers.