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About Us

Our business dealings are as smooth as our lubricants

At Pak Hy Oils the difference is evident when you walk through our glass doors and step onto our highly polished walkways. All our clients go on to become repeat buyers due to our excellent dealings, high quality standards and dependable delivery schedules. For the team at Pak Hy Oils, the only thing that matters is our customers. We leave no reason for them to complain. And not surprisingly, they never do.

Pak Hy Oils is possibly one of the few companies in Pakistan which doesn't believe in hierarchies. Our customers don't need an appointment to meet our CEO or our Chairman. From our high-ranking directors to our newly engaged sale boys and dealers, you will find our dynamic team fully motivated and eager to sell. From top to bottom, our team sings the same tune: "Nothing is impossible". This is why at a time when the industry is in recession, PHOL's sales figures are sky-rocketing. Our team has managed to show growth while other companies are in danger of going under. Most enterprises are waiting for a better tomorrow, but at Pak Hy Oils we are preparing for one.

The group:

Orion Group, a formidable business conglomerate with interests in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and other countries, identified the potential and hence, acquired Pak Hy Oils in 1995. The blending plant was at the time owned by the government of Pakistan, and fell under the umbrella of National Refinery Limited. PHOL was conceived to produce value-added downstream by-products of oil refining such as Specialty Asphalts, Oils and Lubricants.

Orion has a long and vast history of changing the dynamics of oil businesses in at least three countries. The same passion was injected into Pak Hy Oils, and the company was set on the path toward explosive growth and accelerated market development. In lieu of these goals PHOL lost no time in developing a complete product portfolio, moving into previously uncharted terrain such as water-proofing membranes. To date, our company is the sole manufacturer of membranes in the country.

Since being acquired by Orion, PHOL has brought about vast improvements in its products and outlook. This has been achieved through dedicated research and development, dynamic management, aggressive marketing, and innovative promotions. And of course, our belief in treating our customers like the British treat their Queen.

Production facility:

The PHOL factory is amongst a minority of blending plants located adjacent to National Refinery Limited and enjoys the privilege of obtaining feedstock directly from NRL through a pipeline. This feature comes in handy when the transport fleet turns out to be insufficient to carry higher volumes. PHOL's unique advantage ensures the capacity and capability of our company to meet any volume of business within a short time frame.

Product portfolio:

Currently, Pak Hy Oils have the following Product Fortfolio

Given the multiple advantages Pak Hy Oils provides to its customers, it is no surprise that from major corporations to government institutions to dealers in rural Pakistan, our products remain the first choice.